Saturday, November 4, 2017

When a cashier recognizes you..

Welp I was at Target today getting a ton of diapers and random groceries when the cashier told me she recognized my name from following our blog. How crazy is that??Talking to her made me get a bug up my butt to find time to make an update :) If you are reading this you totally made my day!

As most of you know Baby G number three was born on March 4, 2017, exactly four weeks early. We named her Lux Ariadne <3. She surprised us with my water breaking unknowingly. I was at an appointment getting my blood pressure checked when I just happened to tell my doctor I had felt a weird pop earlier that morning. She did an amniotic fluid test and it came back positive. Labor was beyond easy. I was dilated all the way to a seven without feeling any pain. I didn't want to lose my chance at an epidural so I had them give me one even though I was completely fine at that point. Part of me wishes I didn't get one because she was born less than an hour after that. Two pushes and BAM she was out:)

At first we thought she was going to be fine being born at 36 weeks but her breathing and blood sugar levels went down rapidly. She spent eight days in the NICU and was then healthy enough to come home.

Adding baby number three was a surprisingly an easy adjustment. We are already changing two diapers, what's one more? ;)

Lux is 8 months old today! She's super smiley, and you can definitely tell she is the third child. At this age both Rev and Kaetheo were crawling and Lux isn't even close - I prefer it that way!

As for other updates, Kaetheo is now fully potty trained! Thank goodness three in diapers was short lived. Rev is close behind, it's just a matter of time and she will be using the potty just like her big brother.

Luckily we already had already reached our out of pocket max with our insurance with having Lux because Kaetheo has had quite a eventful year with doctors and emergency rooms. He just loves to jump around and play hard. He had his second set of stitches back in April when he fell while running to hide in his closet and sliced his ear. It did require stitches.

 Two weeks ago he had a surgery to correct a couple of minor things from when he was an infant.

Along with that yesterday he ran to climb on his daddy's computer chair and as it spun he fell off and cut his eye. I talked the ER doc into just gluing it instead of getting stitches because this boy has had enough! Luckily he said the scar wouldn't be much different either way.

Revie is obsessed with Lux. She is her newest favorite toy and she never gets sick of her. She keeps busy by trying to help mommy as much as she can.

Summer was eventful! We camped a full ten days with all three kiddos in a rented camper this year. It was a lot of fun. I think the kiddos loved the freedom of getting dirty, riding bikes, playing in the rain, etc.! 

The kiddos got to trick or treat a couple different days this year. On actual Halloween they dressed up as Minions with their cousins. It was pretty cute to see a bunch of toddler Minion heads running from house to house.

People have asked if our family is complete and to be honest we are not ready to say that. I think Jordan and I hope to have at least one more <3

Random Pic below:))


  1. Congratulations on baby 3. the children look so wonderful and happy, so much fun for you I imagine

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  3. Thanks for the update. I have been wondering about you all. Looks like life is good : )

  4. wow...awesome photos.
    have a great day.