Thursday, October 20, 2016

Three under three is soon to be!


Jordan and I were at volleyball when I started to not feel well. My stomach was turning and my abdomen was cramping. Thoughts started running through my mind and I was in denial ..there is NO WAY. 

I told Jordan we needed to stop at Target on our way home and we did. De ja vu hit when I went in the aisle to buy that test. It brought back so many emotions .. Hope, fear , excitement, anger, sadness everything ! This was the first time I was in that aisle feeling in shock instead of full fledged fear of disappointment. I couldn't believe I was buying a pregnancy test.. 

We went home to relieve our babysitter but one of us had to drive her home. I told Jordan I was going to run her home quick but he stopped me and made me to take the test quick so he could look at the results while I was gone. 

I quickly ran into the bathroom did my thing ..put it on the counter and ran out to meet our babysitter at the car. 

As I got to our babysitters house I got a text from Jordan that said "negative." 

For some reason I just didn't believe it.. I called Jordan on my way home and I said "are you sure?? Remember with Reverie the line was so light you couldn't see it??" 

His response to me was...

"Kaylah I'm looking at it now and there is only one... Ohhhhh wait.... There's a light pink line now. We're pregnant. "

My stomach sunk... Fear and excitement struck me hard . What if the baby isn't in the right uterus (remember I have 2) what if we lose it.. Blahblah. 

I called the doctor that night and had a blood test right away the next morning. My hcg levels were a whopping 15 (which is extremely low for those of you who are not familiar). 

My doctor said we could have just caught it extremely early and he started me on progesterone supplements. 

We had to wait for 2 days to test again and of course I started spotting before I went in for that test. I tried to remind myself that I spotted with Reverie and she was fine . 

I waited what felt like all day for those test results and the nurse called and told me my numbers more then doubled and were currently over 100. Our numbers were increasing perfectly. 

Fast forward and now we are 17 weeks and expecting to find out gender next week! 

So there it is !! We are expecting baby G number 3 and we couldn't be happier!  Kaetheo and Rev are going to be big siblings!! 

Baby G #3 is expected to arrive March 31st!


  1. Congratulations, they will love having a new baby to love

  2. WOW! that is so awesome, Congrats to your growing family.

  3. Your story gives us hope every day. Thank you for sharing and congratulations!

  4. God works in mysterious ways! Congratulations on. Your next miracle!

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  6. Girl, we are needing an update from your sweet family! :) -Kj

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  8. I keep checking back in for an update!